"Hydra" Jellyfish

The 'Medusa' Jellyfish chandelier has been featured heavily in US publications and on-line on such platforms as Pinterest. This has resulted in a large amount of enquiries from overseas clients. In order to satisfy this demand it became necessary to design The Hydra version - infinitely more suitable for export.

Gone are the seemingly fragile glass tentacles which have been substituted with a dynamic array of hand crafted fibre optic strands.

1. "Hydra" Jellyfish

This slightly smaller and less fragile version of our Jellyfish is available in suspended groups in a number of different  and complimentary shapes.

Featuring Olivia, photographed by Sally Sparrow. This image is shot as a single photograph, shot at dusk, near a local lake. See www.sallysparrowphotography.com.


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2. "Hydra" Jellyfish
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3. "Hydra" Jellyfish

The Hydra Jellyfish are the smaller cousins to the Medusa; they too consist of a hand blown glass body infused with mica flakes and also contain a metallised reflective inner dome onto which are fused the main RGB LED light strips. They have, however, twice the power output on the fibre optics, with substantially thicker optic tentacles.

Each Hydra Jellyfish becomes a true one-off as each one is hand styled, its' tentacles treated with heat and styled individually.

Our ‘Hydra’ Jellyfish display a striking array of fibre optic tentacles, each hand crafted to recreate the natural movement of the deep ocean.

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4. "Hydra" Jellyfish

The Hydra Jellyfish are offered individually as a pendant or table lamp. All the glass bodies are hand blown but we offer a choice of four styles

  • Hydra smooth - smooth glass body with mica flakes
  • Hydra Slim - elongated smooth glass body with mica flakes
  • Hydra trail - smooth glass body with 6 smooth glass trails
  • Hydra Lux - smooth glass body with 6 pinched glass trails
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5. "Hydra" Jellyfish

We have just had our first Hydra Jellyfish chandelier commissioned for a contemporary new build house in the South of England overlooking the Solent - this is specified with 7 hydra Jellyfish and a number of air bubbles.

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6. "Hydra" Jellyfish
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7. "Hydra" Jellyfish

Our aim is to always create something that is built exclusively for the specific interior for which it is intended - we always prefer to work from up to date side elevation drawings provided as a PDF. This format allows us to map our own designs directly to scale onto the cross section.

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8. "Hydra" Jellyfish

Showing the bottom three Hydra in some detail.

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9. "Hydra" Jellyfish

The same installation seen from underneath - this image clearly shows the two rings of fibre optics as they pierce the polished laser cut stainless steel plate that sits within the hand blown glass Jellyfish Body. 

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10. "Hydra" Jellyfish

This image shows how much light is produced by the installation as well as the fine visuals created by the lens effect  within the acrylic spheres . In this instance the client wanted all Jellyfish to change colour as a group i.e operate as a single zone.

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11. "Hydra" Jellyfish

This client was based in central London and he came to us first requesting a large crystal chandelier design but changed his preferences when he came to the studio with his family. The house that he had designed and built was unusual for the area and very contemporary so he switched to wanting something rather iconic and more of a statement about his individuality.

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12. "Hydra" Jellyfish

The Jellyfish installation took pride of place in the atrium and dropped nearly five and a half metres from the Apex.

The client designed his house in immaculate attention to detail and the whole build could be deemed bespoke from the cantilevered doors to the self supportive cantilevered marble staircase and balustrade.

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13. "Hydra" Jellyfish

The client was also unorthodox in his choice of internal lighting; all of which was controlled via a zoned lighting control system. We provided a dmx compatible controller that allowed for over 30 separate scenes to be set within the chandelier.

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14. "Hydra" Jellyfish

This image shows the chandelier undergoing a slow colour change from the top down. We created the light as seven individual zones so that we could either light it all the same colour or where each Jellyfish could be part of a pre-programmed colour fade.

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15. "Hydra" Jellyfish
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16. "Hydra" Jellyfish

We had to create a special frame that fitted into the same angle as the 'A' frame that formed the Apex so our composition was governed by just 4 radial arms.

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17. "Hydra" Jellyfish
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18. "Hydra" Jellyfish

Once the client had completed the build he acknowledged that although it was not the most expensive single item in the house, the central chandelier not only proved to be the most admired element but that he had people stop in their cars to admire it and even come to the door for more information.

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